e-Books, Socjologia XLV. Tożsamość społeczna grup dyspozycyjnych, ss.232

Strony redakcyjne i spis treści

Social processes and changes in the awareness of the security issue. Sociological context

Social desintegration factors of penitentiary officers and their families

Identity forming process in a total institution as exemplified by the soldiers–inhabitants of Camp Babylon in Iraq

Identity and the possibility of extending areas of security as a challenge for contemporary societies

Identity of rapid reaction forces in view of sociological model of security culture

Women in uniform as a potential collective identity

Women in the police force. Reality and social expectations

Armed forces and the problem of identity

Changes in collective identity of selected groups of officers during transformation

Reserve soldiers in the system of state security

Material scope of culture of security and the identity of police force officers

Doubling identity as a life strategy in the contemporary Polish society and the armed forces. A case of military academy students

Security in the social awareness in 1997–2005

Social identity of the military and the meanders of Polish transformation

Positive and negative social roles in uniformed service professions as exemplified by selected emergency groups

Logistic and other problems of women in soldier’s uniforms

Changes of professions in Poland in the context of political changes as exemplified by career officers in the Polish Armed Forces

Execution of civilian political supervision of armed forces and the blunder of inaction

Perception of by personnel professionally designing the penitentiary resocialisation process

Biological conditioning and identity of women and men in emergency groups



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