Niektóre aspekty współczesnych konfliktów zbrojnych i misji wojskowych

  1. Andrzej Mrożek




The aim of the article is to encourage a reflection and a discussion on the specific nature of contemporary armed conflicts. The emphasis is put on the importance of defense preparations.

Social defense awareness does not keep up with technological changes and defense needs resulting therefrom, which has a negative effect upon the decisions related to defensive preparations and the way of their realization. A distinctive feature of contemporary military conflicts is their information, economic and civilization nature and the lack of unambiguous time and space limits. The conflicts with participation of our soldiers under military missions are regional and on the fringes of civilization. An essential value of military missions is a possible cross-border cooperation between our soldiers and soldiers of other armies. War is a certain form of a social conflict and it should not be boiled down only to warfare, because it is commonly known that war concerns other aspects of social life as well. It is impossible to understand local problems without a vaster, strategic perspective. The aspects raised are inevitably compressed and encoded.


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Socjologia LXII. Grupy dyspozycyjne w systemie współpracy transgranicznej na rzecz bezpieczeństwa

Pages from 233 to 243

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